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Portrait Photographer in Waterford

Photographic Services include…

With over 30 years of experience in Wedding, Portrait, Commercial and Aerial Photographer in Waterford.
Family Photography
Wedding Photography
Engagement Photography
Golden Anniversary Photography
Newborn Photography
Sports Photography
Professional Photography in Waterford.

Wedding Photography Services Waterford

Weddings Photography

Professional approach to the art of storytelling through photography Andrew McDermott Photography is the perfect choice to guarantee that your Wedding Day is exquisitely captured.

Newborn Photography in Waterford

Kids Communions

Andrew McDermott Portrait Studio. We specialise in Portraiture, Commercial and Private Photography. Contact Andrew for information or for a quotation for all your photographic needs.

Wedding Presents Photography
A bride watching out the window in Waterford
Celebrations in Waterford
Big Day Pictures Waterford
Family Bridal Party Waterford
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