Photography Restoration Experts

Have an old or damaged photo that you’d like to rescue and restore to its former glory.

We are professional photographers with over 30 odd years experience of working with photographs in any state of repair. Using our photographic techniques, expertise, attention to detail and the state-of the art hardware and software, we meticulously restore your photographs for the next generation to enjoy.

  • Repair and Clean photos
  • Repair, Fix tears, cracks, creases & scratches
  • Remove stains, smudges, water damage, discoloration
  • Restore faded or dark photos
  • Piece together & restore ripped and torn photos
  • Combine 2 or more photos
  • Remove or Replace backgrounds

If you have an old photo with value to you to be restored bring it into the studio for a free quote.

Photo-Restoration-in-Waterford Ireland


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